Workplace Counseling

Mental Health in the Workplace

Leaders in business are discovering how beneficial offering in-house mental health counseling can be. Integrated Therapies provides on-site mental health services to address the mental health, emotional support, and behavioral outcomes of workplace stress. When the symptoms of strained mental health occur, we quickly work to remediate and manage any residual stressors that may tax collaborating concerns, addressing the true needs of your employees, as they occur, while mitigating damage and quickly retiring to workplace homeostasis. 

Allowing individual mental health concerns to be addressed in your place of work gives all employees the sense of being seen, supported, and valued for who they are, not just for the talents they bring. Employees report this, more than any other stress-reducing benefit at work, creates commitment, shared values, and a sense of belonging. Strengthening communication, relevancy, paradigm shifts, and a sustainable culture everyone can feel proud to identify with.

What is Workplace Counseling?

This type of counseling is designed as a “safety net,”  allowing all employees to bring their “full self” to work, enhancing both personal and team effectiveness, gaining broader perspectives, new insights, heightened communication, and strengthened relationships across the board. This eliminates the fear, hesitation, and shame of “what if” I falter while at work or run into the roadblocks of burnout.

Why Choose Integrated Therapies?

Because we have all been there. A compassionate approach blends learnings and experience in mental healthcare, chronic health issues, aging, disability services, and the power of positive psychology. This empowers clients to develop the high-quality relationships needed for dynamic integration of what was learned, individual uniqueness, relevance, and sustainability solidifying workplace success for all.

These high-quality relationships are the backbone on which to begin acknowledging the stigmas of mental health conditions in the workplace. Mental health is the next frontier of diversity, equity, and inclusion. By starting the dialogue and providing support to those managing diverse mental health conditions, the stigma surrounding employee mental health will begin to weaken, challenging restrictive cultures, while harvesting new perspectives and talents. In my work in Organizational Development, it was imperative to plan and implement “whole person” strategies, acknowledging and supporting the needs of the person, as they are the lifeblood of an organization. By offering in-house mental health services, you are not only strengthening the workplace but also promoting healthy life changes necessary for developing dynamic professional and personal growth.

Being able to offer in-house counseling services means employees will have access to tailored mental health services and strategies diminishing real-time stressors that often block one’s peak performance.

The result? Peak-performing employees and a more positive, relevant, sustainable organizational culture.

Maximize Your Greatest Asset

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Let Integrated Therapies help you ensure you are maximizing the potential of your colleagues. By partnering with Integrated Therapies, you will be able to offer your employees the tools they need to meet their full potential at work and at home. In short, when your employees experience the freedom to do their best work, the entire company can advance.

Explore Counseling on a Workplace Level

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