What Does Neurodiversity Mean? Am I Neurodivergent?

Neurodiversity. What does the word mean to you? This has become a popular buzz term in recent years as we look for more meaningful ways to define the thoughts and feelings we have and how they differ from others. On its face, the word itself presents us with a relatively clear definition – neuro refers to the brain and nervous system and diversity refers to variety or complexities in a group. Millennials and Gen Z Read More

Our Old Solutions Can Become Our New Problems

No matter where you are on the road, you use a left turn signal to turn left and a right turn signal to turn right. But, would you drive 35 miles per hour in a 60 miles per hour zone just because you were previously driving in a 35 miles per hour zone? Sometimes our solutions can be universally applied when the answers and circumstances are the same. Some situations, however, cannot be solved with universal Read More

The Components of Loving Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air. Restaurants are packed with couples ready to celebrate each other. Gift shops are counting the cash spent on satisfying the love language of gifts. Romcoms are on every channel you flip through. So, what’s missing? For many, an outlet for their love is missing. Valentine’s Day can be tough for those who are alone and don’t feel like they have someone else to love. We’re Read More

Why Do People Go to Therapy? (And Why Should You?)

When you think about therapy, what comes to mind first? For a lot of people, the vision of therapy is laying down on a lounge chair with a box of tissues digging through the deepest depths of the mind. Pop culture teaches us that therapy is about saving people from the brink or bringing people back from a mental breakdown. That is, of course, an element of some therapies but also falls well short of the whole picture Read More

Questions To Ask Yourself in the New Year

Every year when we flip the calendar to January, it’s a whole new opportunity to set goals for personal growth and transition. The typical New Years' Resolutions center around hitting the gym, eating healthy, and the concept of who you want to be 12 months from now. We, of course, support you on this journey and hope you are able to find joy in the work that gets you to where you want to be. However, we also believe Read More

How Do I Address “Small” Problems When I Have One “BIG” Problem?

We’ve all been here before. You are trying to go through a personal transition to better yourself, the world around you, and your overall well-being. Of course, this can be a mountain of a task – especially when you’ve got one major problem in the way that makes it difficult to tackle the pile of small problems slowing you down. It’s something every therapist has heard from a client before – “I’m not really worried Read More

Finding Peace During Holiday and End-of-Year Stress

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season! We’re seeing people fill their lawns with holiday decorations – some with fall and Thanksgiving themes and others jumping all the way ahead to Christmas. While many people dream of the mistletoe hanging over their heads this time of year, many of us have another ornament hanging over our heads during the holidays: stress! You may feel lonely knowing you won’t have Read More

What Parents of Trans Kids Should Know

Right now, we’re seeing a revolution of sorts for people who want to openly live their lives as who they truly are. In the political sphere, there’s been a lot of hurtful and targeted language that’s hidden under the cloak of “identity politics.” Regardless of where you stand in these conversations, there’s no denying that many people are living the reality of being transgender or gender fluid and must face the Read More

Keeping That Summer Shine Even When It’s Not Summertime

For many people and their families, the summer months are a time to get out there and adventure. People spend these months in their favorite vacation spots, relaxing in their backyards for a barbecue, or enjoying time whenever and wherever with the people they love most. Unfortunately, not every day can be summer, and there comes a time when the kids get back in school and the summer vacation season comes to an end. Read More

The Benefits of Letting It All Out

Experiencing an overwhelming swell of thoughts and emotions can place an unwelcome burden on even the strongest of shoulders. We all feel it from time to time – maybe you even feel it as you read this. We have these thoughts, emotions, or experiences that sit in our minds as we debate what to do with them. Unfortunately, letting these fester can compound the overwhelming feelings we have and result in a serious tax Read More