Our Old Solutions Can Become Our New Problems

Our Old Solutions Can Become Our New Problems

No matter where you are on the road, you use a left turn signal to turn left and a right turn signal to turn right. But, would you drive 35 miles per hour in a 60 miles per hour zone just because you were previously driving in a 35 miles per hour zone?

Sometimes our solutions can be universally applied when the answers and circumstances are the same. Some situations, however, cannot be solved with universal solutions. In the example above, you would be creating a hazard for yourself and other drivers because you are using an old solution (driving 35 MPH) in a new circumstance (60 MPH zone).

Our old solutions will not always work in new situations, creating new problems as we change and enter new stages in life.

“But that’s the solution I’ve always used!”

This may be your first thought in some scenarios where an old situation results in new problems. You were able to talk your way out of trouble at school, but your boss at your new job doubles down on an issue because you attempted to apply the same solution – talking your way out.

Your boss is not your teacher. You are dealing with new people in different settings that have different ideas of what the right answers are.

Finding New Solutions is a Sign of Growth

Part of personal growth is recognizing the past, present, and future are three different things. What was true yesterday may not be true today or tomorrow.

Leaving old solutions in the past and finding new ways of solving day-to-day problems allows you to transition into new phases of your life.

Old Solutions Failing is a Learning Opportunity

There is nothing wrong with attempting to apply an old solution and finding out it no longer works. This happens to everyone in life at some point. What matters is how you respond to it.

Your habits reflect your maturity – so are you learning or holding onto what has come and gone? Ask yourself when that solution actually worked because you might be surprised at how long ago that actually was.

Work with a Trained Professional to Find Solutions in Your Life

A perfect example of an old solution many adults try and fail is suppressing problems and hoping they go away. It’s okay to talk to someone! It’s okay to let someone in and have them give a neutral, third-party point of view that can uncover new solutions that prevent new problems!

At Integrated Therapies, we love the journey of walking alongside our clients as we work toward personal growth and transition. We are trained to find new solutions using a variety of proven techniques that land our clients in a better place. Contact us and let’s find new solutions together.