Why Your Business Can Thrive Through Workplace Counseling

Why Your Business Can Thrive Through Workplace Counseling

We live in a world where businesses are constantly changing and evolving. Employees faced with constant adjustments often fall behind on work or get overwhelmed to the point where they question their position with the company and in the industry.

These problems lead to frequent mental health problems and stress in the workplace – creating an untenable environment for those workers and their colleagues. Chances are your business has dealt with similar issues and is operating below your standards at times.

Workplace counseling plays an integral role in shaking off mental health stigmas in the workplace and getting your team on the same page on the path to success. We believe in the powerful notion that mental health is one of the biggest priorities in any business.

Modernizing and normalizing workplace mental healthcare

Modern employees have an expectation of mental healthcare at work. According to research in the Harvard Business Review, confronting mental health challenges in the workplace has become the norm in recent years. This evolution sets new expectations that businesses will, frankly, fall behind on if they don’t act swiftly.

Your business strives to fit into the modern industry landscape and employing modern workers means deploying modern practices. Workplace counseling creates a better, more forward-thinking environment for employees at all levels.

Empowering employees to be their full selves

Mental health counseling is often about defining the self. When employees are able to more clearly and confidently define who they are and what they want out of life, they can show up to work with clarity and confidence.

Investing in mental health counseling services means investing in your people. Giving them the space to sort through challenges they’re facing each and every day allows them to be who they want to be and can be on the job.

Keeping the team working together

Your team may struggle to connect. You aren’t alone in that, but this doesn’t have to be the norm. COVID-19 forced many businesses to go virtual which caused an even greater gap between colleagues. Workplace counseling can bring you all back together.

Attrition in the workplace increases when employees feel overwhelmed by mental health challenges. Providing resources to combat these issues allows you to keep employees longer and create a team that works together and stays together.

Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What does mental health have to do with DEI initiatives? Well, everything!

Underrepresented groups face unique challenges in the workplace. Workplace counseling can help those employees overcome these challenges and create healthier ways of working through them. It also provides learning opportunities for those who do not understand those challenges or, in extreme cases, don’t believe in them.

Not only can workplace counseling increase diversity in the type of worker you employ but also in the way workers think. Workers who have more clarity can contribute in ways they never imagined before. This creates diverse ideas and diverse workplaces and allows your business to transcend in ways other businesses simply cannot.

We’re here when you’re ready

At Integrated Therapies, we believe in the power of workplace counseling. We work directly with teams in the workplace or virtually to ensure employees have the tools they need to overcome mental health challenges.When you are ready to give your team the resources needed to take your work to the next level, contact Integrated Therapies to get started.