Questions To Ask Yourself in the New Year

Questions To Ask Yourself in the New Year

Every year when we flip the calendar to January, it’s a whole new opportunity to set goals for personal growth and transition. The typical New Years’ Resolutions center around hitting the gym, eating healthy, and the concept of who you want to be 12 months from now.

We, of course, support you on this journey and hope you are able to find joy in the work that gets you to where you want to be. However, we also believe you may be better served by slowing things down and focusing on the questions you need to be asking yourself instead of the answers you hope to find at the end of the work you put in.

What Would Make Me Feel Better?

Setting and working towards year-long goals is one of the positive traditions today’s society holds onto. It’s important to look for ways to grow personally, and we admire your dedication to YOU. It’s important to actually consider why we’re setting these goals, however.

Instead of just saying “I’m going to lose 15 pounds” you can consider questions like “how can I add more movement in my life?” The number on the scale can add a figurative weight to our shoulders and constantly chasing a number might not always be what your body really needs for you to feel better. Remember to rely on your feelings to define success more than a number.

The same can apply to healthy eating. Instead of just saying “I’m going to eat more greens” you can ask yourself “how can I improve my diet?” Getting more fruits and vegetables is a start, but you don’t need to alienate yourself from your dinner plate. It’s okay to fit in foods you get enjoyment from as long as you have an overall healthy relationship with food. Reminding yourself that nothing tastes as good as how staying in shape feels can help you fight off a diet slump.

Do I Really Need That?

This can be a question you put in your pocket to use on a daily basis this year. It’s easy to interact with an individual or organization in a transactional manner that fills a material hole in your life. But, what is the role of that person or organization in your life right now? Do they deserve the space you’ve allowed them to occupy in your life?

Impulse purchases often stem from the idea that you like something and therefore want it in your life. The same can be said for decisions we make when someone in our life offers us something. Before bringing new materials and experiences into your world, you should look at where you’re at in life and ask yourself if committing to this will make your life better or just give you a fleeting or unsustainable boost in morale. Failing to check yourself can result in constantly chasing those momentary boosts and leave you crawling toward the unattainable.

How Do I Want to Show Up?

A New Years’ Resolution that centers around our relationships may ultimately be the most fulfilling. The way we interact with loved ones in our homes, in social settings, and with colleagues at work can have a more lasting impact on our mental health. So, how do you want to show up for your spouse, your kids, your friends, and your colleagues?

Personal growth can be about showing up as the person you want to be and showing up as the person the people around you deserve. You made a commitment to your loved ones and your colleagues to give them the best version of yourself. Have you fulfilled that commitment lately?

Another issue is how easy it is to be absent with the amount of technology and information available at our fingertips today. Do you remember the last time you had a lengthy and meaningful conversation with your spouse or children? What about the last time you got together with friends and stayed present the entire time?

At Integrated Therapies, we want to help you ask the right questions so you can find the right answers. We want to walk alongside you in this journey of personal growth and transition in the new year. Contact us for guidance on what you can truly learn and become this year.