"I was referred to Sharon O'Connor by a colleague.  As an Attorney, and a person with schizophrenia, I was having a very difficult time in my personal life, which spilled into my work life, causing me extreme difficulties and creating a fear of  loosing my employment. My employer was unaware of my mental health condition... and I wanted to keep it that way. I found Sharon to be highly compassionate, she immediately Read More

Gino R., Rossetti Chairman

"I must admit, I did not understand the need for coaching or counseling when you first arrived, but which I soon learned to appreciate. Your work helped me to formulate new ideas that cumulated in the development of the new strategic plan, paving the way for a stronger future of our firm."   Read More

Canzida C., AIM Executives Senior Consultant

"Sharon’s human interaction and counseling skills are second to none. She works as effectively with production employees as she does with middle managers and executives. She has the unique ability to effectively adapt herself to the needs of the situation while never losing sight of the goal nor her pleasant, approachable nature and professionalism. She is what I would call “creatively focused”, always beginning with Read More

Barbara H.

"I have observed how knowledgeable Sharon is regarding advising philosophies and strategies, and how up-to-date she is on issues and practices of disability services. She has implemented several innovative advising practices."   Read More

Audrey D.

"Sharon began as Human Resource Consultant with the task of repairing damaged and lost client relationships. She not only repaired them, she reclaimed them! Sharon is professional, conscientious, and creative. She has an open door policy and is ever mindful of the individual as she fulfills the letter of her job description on a daily basis. Sharon is flexible, approachable, and adapts easily. One of Sharon’s most Read More

Mike T., Rosetti Senior Partner

"In all matters, Sharon has exhibited the highest level of integrity and ability and has executed her responsibilities with diligence in a timely manner. I fully trust her intent and her judgment. We have benefited greatly from her honest exploration of issues, hard work, and fresh perspective."   Read More

Gail Y., Teacher

"I have found her to be very professional and sincerely dedicated to providing a positive experience for our students. She truly cares about preparing our students for the marketplace and assisting them into becoming responsible citizens, She relates very comfortably with teachers, administrators, and other business professionals."   Read More

Narine M., Health Science Academic Advisor

"Ms. O’Connor is very patient, resourceful, and visionary leader. During our meetings, I would always observe her and try to learn from her important skills such as professionalism, ability to make a correct decision, and most importantly, learned the better practices of communication to others. She is an articulate leader with a vision and possesses an amazing ability of running a department very smoothly. As my Read More

Arnold D., Principal

"The days we spent together really helped me to reflect on current instructional practices and create a new paradigm for education. You were a wonderful facilitator, putting people at ease while raising provocative issues. Thank you for a job well done!"   Read More

David and Doris W.

"Sharon is both sensitive and knowledgeable about the law and reasonable accommodations."   Read More