How to Suggest Therapy to a Loved One

How to Suggest Therapy to a Loved One

We all show concern for the people we love, and that’s a great thing – it’s one of the ways we show that we care for someone. When concerns pop up around the mental health of a loved one, it can be difficult to address. Most people aren’t mental health professionals, but we want to help. Recommending therapy can be a simple way to ensure they’re getting the professional care they need.

Get Them Started

Our goal is to get them to a point where they feel comfortable with therapy. For many people, this can be a difficult process. It’s normal to be fearful or unsure of starting therapy, but encouraging the first step toward improvement is sometimes all they’ll need. Showing support and reminding them that you’re there to help can make the whole process feel a lot more comfortable. 

Establish Goals

We want to establish goals so they’re aware of what they have to gain. Therapy can provide a lot of benefits, and creating some tangible goals to aim for can create a path forward. Remind them that it’s going to be a process, and things won’t get better instantly. But with practice and a little hard work, they can reach those goals and feel much better.

Listen to what they have to say

Voicing our concerns usually makes us feel better. Having our concerns heard and acknowledged can reduce the harsh feelings of fear and doubt we’re feeling. Often, it simply comes down to expressing ourselves. Once those feelings are out, they may be ready to open up to a new opinion and try out something new.

Offer Your Help

If they’re ready to get started, don’t leave them on their own. Helping them through the process by remaining positive, showing support, and encouraging them will keep them feeling confident. Most of all, they likely need to be reminded that they’re not alone in this.

Remember That It’s Their Decision

Forcing someone through this process won’t be conducive to their journey. In fact, it will likely steer them away. They should be self-assured that they’re making the right decision, and open to the change. A closed-off and standoffish person won’t be receptive to what therapy can do for them.

If you or your loved one is ready to begin, contact Integrated Therapies, PLLC today. Our counseling sessions focus on moving you forward into a more positive life. We will walk alongside you, every step of the way.