Understanding the Power of Play for the Whole Family

Understanding the Power of Play for the Whole Family

School is out, the sun is shining, and summer is here. The whole family is spending more time together at home and the time is right to strengthen our relationships with the ones we love most.

When we think of “play,” we think of getting out in the yard with our kids. Playing catch, playing in the dirt, and just generally building the parent-child bond. If you think of those things, you’re not wrong! Those are great examples of play, but “play” is a great way to reinforce the love we have for our spouses, as well. So, what are some traits of effective play for your family this summer?


“Play” isn’t simply about being busy all the time. It’s not a “get up and go” necessity to make sure nobody ends up bored or lonely. Play shouldn’t be about filling your calendar. Instead, play is the willingness to be active whenever inspiration and desire strike.

Our kids’ minds are always running and new ideas are spinning as they grow into their personalities. When they want to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, go with them! These mutual experiences can help adults and children alike develop hobbies that fill our hearts.

Mutual Desire

Notice we just referred to play as “mutual experiences.” That’s exactly what play should be. It’s most effective when everyone involved gets enjoyment out of it. We don’t need to force ourselves to play when we just don’t have the time, energy, or desire.

The more we play, the more we find out what every member of the household enjoys. As parents, we shouldn’t be afraid to take control of playtime even if societal biases often tell us to let our kids control this time. As parents, we can help our children discover playful experiences that are enjoyable for everyone. This creates more space for mutual experiences that are fulfilling and romantic for the whole family.


Let’s take a moment to better understand the word “romantic.” Above we referenced creating mutual experiences that are romantic for the whole family. When you think of “romantic,” you probably think of quality time with your significant other, but the actual definition is “conducive to or characterized by the expression of love.”

This definition applies to expressions of love to both our children and our partners. When we have moments of effective play with our children we romanticize comradery and mutual respect. The expectations being set during this time can boost all the right levels of serotonin and other biological ingredients for healthy relationships in the future.

Play can be a highly romantic experience for couples, as well. When we play as partners, either with or without our children, our bonds are firmed. Sometimes it’s about rediscovering a bit of youth and other times it’s about simply taking advantage of moments as they present themselves.

If you need help boosting your family’s summertime of play, Integrated Therapies is here to help. We can help your family take a holistic approach to your time together when everyone’s schedules are more open. Contact us today and let us help you make the best of your time together.